Should I Use Passwords On My Elite Proxy?

If you have your own Elite Proxy then something that is vital to know about is security. No-one likes to constantly have to enter passwords repeatedly but don't neglect them as they are essential. Due to the nature of the internet, all someone needs to know is the IP address of your proxy server and they can have complete access.. Don't be fooled by thinking that just because there are so many other computers and IPs on the internet that the chances of finding your proxy server are zero. Technology today can allow someone to potentially find your proxy server with great ease by simply scanning IP ranges looking for servers that are not secured with a password. Make sure that whenever you setup a proxy that you always make it password protected. If someone else gains access to your proxy server then you can be held liable for any damages that they do through the use of it. Instead of not using a password, look to use software the can save usernames and passwords for the IP ports on your proxy to save time. Use these instead as they will achieve what you want (speeding up the login process) but also alow you to retain the high level of security that your Elite Proxy requires.

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